Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stomata: Respiration Video Montage

Though the images that were taken by Remi were already quite seductive and served to highlight Stomata's intricacy and density, the video he quickly compiled showcases the respiration effects that were present in the design.

As the CO2 sensor array mounted atop the room fed signals to vary the amount of oxygen pumped into the the Stomata membrane, a parallel pneumatic system highlighted the respiration through the inhaling and exhaling of the plastic ballasts.

Thanks to Everyone

Thanks to everyone from Ryerson University, FCAD, the Design Fabrication Zone, our generous hosts, the Bata Shoe Museum, and of course all the great volunteers who were instrumental in literally putting this project together! It proved to be a great success and we look forward to more initiatives like this in the future.


And of course the requisite selfie from the First Year volunteers...

Stomata: The Effect

Those unable to attend the Stomata Installation at the 2014 Nuit Blanche in the Bata Shoe Museum missed out quite an experience, but here are some images that Remi took that documents some of the ambiance.

Stomata: The Details

In this set of images Remi showcases some of the nuanced detail work that the volunteers were instrumental in assembling.

Stomata: Setting Up The Darkness

In this batch of Remi images, you can see Stomata set up just as the sun is about to set and getting ready for Nuit Blanche 2014 to begin.


Stomata: Preparation

Here is the start of a series of images taken by [R]ed[U]x Lab's resident photographer extraordinaire, Remi. This first batch is of the installation at the Bata Shoe Museum just prior to opening at the 2014 Nuit Blanche. It is also nice to see the installation with the lights on and the shadows projected on the floor - something the general public didn't get a sense of.

Take note in the last two images you can see the respiration volumes in the inhaling and exhaling conditions.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Big Day Preparations

The finishing touches with the UV LED lights are commencing now and it looks like the project will come together for what will prove to be a great evening. Students from First Year to graduates from the Architectural Science program are making this all come together seamlessly.